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    Jessica Makes Keto Work!

    “We got married, we moved, we partied a lot. Ate a lot of fast food; drank a lot of alcohol. And I picked up smoking along the way.” Jessica Baker was explaining how she gained weight as a newlywed.  I too gained weight after marriage, but it wasn’t from fast food and alcohol; it was food and a new environment. Between both of our reasons is all of us who fall victim to the post-wedding pounds of bliss. On top of those typical experiences, Jessica lived out of a hotel for three months! She ate fast-food for three meals a day as her husband convalesced from a life-threatening condition. As…

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    Stop Feeling Silly in the Gym

    Many people who embark on exercise as adults find going to the gym intimidating. Being among others who are possibly way farther along in their fitness journeys and around equipment that isn’t obvious to use can make a newbie self-conscious. Knowing that people have trouble feeling comfortable in that new environment, I have jotted some notes that I think will help prospective exerciser feel empowered at the gym. First, I have a confession: I don’t like working out that much. I even dislike walking long distances, like at a festival. I work out because I want to look good, and second because I like being strong, but certainly not because…

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    Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People

    Last month my husband stopped me from eating my last bite of chocolate cake. “You’re eating chocolate cake? You had Chick-Fil-A this morning. Did you eat all those chicken minis?” Yes, I did eat the chicken minis in addition to the sausage and egg burrito and hash browns. Some women wouldn’t appreciate their partners questioning their eating habits but a few weeks prior, I had specifically asked my husband to judge me for my food choices. He didn’t because I wasn’t in the ‘danger zone.’ This evening I was in the danger zone. Memorial Day weekend I made a Pinterest poke cake and frozen half to possibly take to a…