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    Emily’s RV Living at Fort Carson

    “I really think RV’ing could be for everyone.” I laughed on the inside because I don’t think I can survive without several hundred square feet, if not thousands. “There are so many different ways to RV. I think, if you do enough research and find what works for your family, anyone could do it,” she added.  This is Emily Sandel. She is an Army wife, and she lived in a recreational vehicle at Fort Carson, Colorado. Her husband, Mark, is a part of Psychological Operations and has been stationed at Fort Carson for nearly the last three years after spending ten whole years at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Although Emily…

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    Instant Pot: Getting Started!

    I gave in to the craze and got an instant pot. On this particular day, I realized I needed to provide lunch for my husband in a few hours. So I thought back to that pressure cooker I had seen on Facebook and messaged the seller to see if he still had it.

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    Wife Out of Context

    Without the Army, I don’t know who I am or what I’m supposed to be doing; it’s like the week between Christmas and New Year’s, but without the glee. I’ve lost track of how old my toothbrush is. When did I last change my contacts? I’m lost in time and space. I don’t know where to put things. I don’t know what’s for dinner. One day my husband said the baby needed to stop coming into the bed with us in the mornings. I said one of us would have to get up with him then. He suggested that would be me since it always used to be, but that…

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    An Update on the House…And My Sanity

    Three weeks ago I saw my new home for the first time and proceeded to meltdown for the rest of the week until moving in. I was so disappointed. Even made a YouTube video about it. I was being dramatic; it’s not that bad. However, I stand by my reaction. There was nuance, which I’ll get to later. By the time I posted the blog about the situation, I was kind of over it. By “over it” I mean I had come up with some neat little reason for why I was so emotional. But the following day as my son and I experienced escalating allergy symptoms, I became suspicious…

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    Goodbye, Fort Bragg

    I cussed my husband out for the first time. It was 1 am, and he was slamming cabinets and drawers in frustration from having had to spend so much time priming the walls, which is the exact reason he didn’t want me to paint them back in 2016. The attitude wasn’t helping. This was the night before we were meant to move out of our military housing and move on to the rest of our non-military lives.  On Tuesday, two women came to pack our things, which were moved out by two functionally fit men on Wednesday. They left us with all the things we set aside to get us…

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    I Got Rid of 60% of My Clothes

    I finally got around to clicking on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo instead of watching another episode of The Office on Netflix. I was surprised to learn Marie Kondo doesn’t speak English and expected the show to be annoying. Instead, I found Marie charming and whimsical. Her disposition is very light, happy. One thing she can  say was “I love mess!” So she’s some sort of fairy. The first episode was about a family with two kids, and mom was too overwhelmed to handle the mess. I related to that on a spiritual level, except I’m not overwhelmed by the messes, they were just not at the top of my priorities. Dad was…

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    Leaving Fort Bragg: In My Feelings

    In less than 30 days, I will no longer be a bride on base. Despite how irritating it is to be a military family, my feelings about no longer being one are complicated. Since I’m high maintenance, I went to a counselor to discuss it rather than texting one of my friends. My husband will be released from the Army at the end of February. His five-year contract will be up in April. And we won’t be special anymore. You’re Not Hardcore Unless You Live Hardcore I think when I’m honest, that’s what I like about being a military spouse. Warranted or not, service members and their families are revered…

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    Husband Crashes Wife’s Presentation at Work to Apologize for Infidelity: Take Him Back?

    Dear Bride on Base, 2018 has been a challenging year for me. Despite giving birth to a precious little girl in July, I have found myself in the center of controversy after controversy.  I have been plagued by rumors of inauthenticity in my work, and have dealt with constant tension between myself and a leading competitor in my industry, ultimately culminating in an attempt to physically fight this person at a high profile event.  To make matters worse, individuals have come  forward with fabricated stories about their involvement with me to further besmirch my name. I can never relax.  On top of all that, I have decided to file for…