5 Weeks to Weightloss: Week 2

This week was a bust from the jump. First of all I had already known I wasn’t going to do cardio until after Wednesday because I had to see people each day and my roots were too nappy to withstand the sweating so I could look decent in the evening. On top of that, I didn’t decide on my goals before the week started and didn’t really do anything to set myself up for success. I didn’t have any plan for tracking water intake, nor did I have meal options, or groceries period, to help me actually eat breakfast and lunch. I also ate a ton of sweets as I tested some recipes I’m using for Valentine’s Day. I failed.

However, I still worked out everyday. My goal is usually 5 days a week and it’s fine with me if I only make 4. Well since I did not do cardio for the first 3 days, I went to the gym for cardio and abs Saturday and Sunday. The other days I still followed my 3-day lifting plan and made it to Crossfit 2 days. My general goals for exercise are 45-minute cardio sessions 3 times per week, 3 days of weightlifting, 2 days of Crossfit. Despite my diet fumble, I feel good about the work I put in and again, I feel like I can tell it is paying off. Most notably, my legs feel more firm,  and my deltoids (shoulders) are looking legit.

ON ANOTHER NOTE, last week I talked about how focused I was and how clean my house was the whole week. My house was a wreck this week. There was a moment when I wondered if I was bipolar because I simply could not get myself together like I had been a mere 7 days earlier. No, I don’t think bipolar disorder is as simple as that, but that is the thought that crossed my mind. I felt like I was cleaning all the time but nothing ever seem to actually become ‘clean,’ which is essentially the same sentiment with my health efforts for the week.

My goals for week 3:

  1. No sweets during the week
  2. 80 oz of water per day
  3. Core Exercises 3 days per week

My goals are not that ambitious because I still need to maintain the ones I set originally. It feels like I had that successful first week and then just moved on in life. I think that is actually a huge problem for me and likely for others. We can achieve so much, but the swings in momentum and focus is what keeps us down. I feel like as soon as I get sexy, I begin my descent back down to “unbuttons jeans at dinner” so that I have to go through the whole process again. In a sense I accept that, but it is also my goal to make the time and distance between ‘sexy’ and ‘I should really order a salad’ shorter and shorter each time I go through the cycle.

What I will do differently this week is make a meal plan for the week and mark the times I fill my water cup with a note on the fridge. Oh, I’m focusing on core because I have a lot of low back pain from my typical, sedentary, American job right now. I have increased my low back exercises this month and have noticed a significant improvement, but I need to make make sure I keep it up. In addition, I need to start working on that six-pack…


Starting Weight: 166.6 End Weight: 164.6

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