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    New Site- Who Dis?

    BrideonBase is undergoing some major changes executed by yours truly. Since I don’t really know anything about web design or graphic art, it’s going to be a minute before I get things looking right here. I am excited about taking the blog in a new direction and all the new skills I will learn along the way; so many skills… I hope to be live by July 1, 2018!

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    The Bachelorette: Becca Ep 4

    I don’t know who Becca was on a date with first because I don’t have DVR and I missed it. Regardless, he wants 3 kids. Alas! David returns from respite. He had fallen from the TOP BUNK and broken his nose. Ouch! Sounds awful but not a stay in ICU (really, Chris?). Becca gives him the group date rose because she isn’t really connecting with anyone. As all the group gather around David he says “What up, Jordan? How you doin’?” and you know he rehearsed it about 10 times with his producer on the way to the house. There’s a rose ceremony where some people we don’t care about…

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    The Bachelorette: Becca Episode 3

    This episode should be subtitled “breaking body parts instead of hearts” because that is what happened. The episode opens with David making the most eggs in the tiniest skillet leading into the invitation for the group date. On location, Becca is chopping it up with some women from the previous season, including the one that was “missing” and Tia. When the men arrive, they are informed they will be pampering the women, which is arguably the weakest date I have ever seen on the show. Colton is stressed out Tia is there because of, you know, their history. Becca takes Tia aside to talk about Colton. Tia explains that Colton…

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    The Bachelorette: Becca Episode 2

    Okay, so Arie proposed to Becca and changed his mind a couple weeks later??? Not like they were going to get married, but that’s rough! Making Becca the Bachelorette was the least ABC could do. Her second episode begins with a group date. Eight of the men get dressed up in tuxes and go do an obstacle course. Jordan, the model, hits us with this killer line “Before you put your socks on…put the confidence on.” Can’t really remember the context, but trust me, it doesn’t matter when it’s coming from Jordan. At the field they meet Becca in a white dress accompanied by Rachel and her fiancé, Bryan from last…

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    The Bachelorette: Becca Episode 1

    I’ll admit I skipped the last season of The Bachelor because #whoisArie? I didn’t start watching the franchise until Chris Soules’ season. During this first episode I quickly realize I’ve missed something important and will have to go back and watch. I am a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan simply because I like to participate in pop culture; not because I believe in this mess or could see myself anywhere near this scenario. That said, let’s get into episode one. The episode begins with your requisite retrospect on Becca and then her meeting with the most recent Bachelorettes. I initially thought Becca was very regular, but pretty. It was good to see the…