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    New Site- Who Dis?

    BrideonBase is undergoing some major changes executed by yours truly. Since I don’t really know anything about web design or graphic art, it’s going to be a minute before I get things looking right here. I am excited about taking the blog in a new direction and all the new skills I will learn along the way; so many skills… I hope to be live by July 1, 2018!

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    The Bachelorette: Becca Episode 7

      One thing that did not stay in Vegas was the news that Colton is a VIRGIN! Remember virgins? I was one in college. Is it as big of a deal its always made out to be on these shows? Yes. Is he virtuous or is there something off about him we don’t know yet? Becca took Colton on the first date. Just as he starts to explain how he isn’t very experienced, a black guy with brown dreads comes to take then conch diving. Once again, I don’t know where they are but given their excursion chaperone, they are in The Islands. Colton tells Becca due to the fact…

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    Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People

    Last month my husband stopped me from eating my last bite of chocolate cake. “You’re eating chocolate cake? You had Chick-Fil-A this morning. Did you eat all those chicken minis?” Yes, I did eat the chicken minis in addition to the sausage and egg burrito and hash browns. Some women wouldn’t appreciate their partners questioning their eating habits but a few weeks prior, I had specifically asked my husband to judge me for my food choices. He didn’t because I wasn’t in the ‘danger zone.’ This evening I was in the danger zone. Memorial Day weekend I made a Pinterest poke cake and frozen half to possibly take to a…

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    Becca Episode 6

    Before Becca’s date with Jason, Chris and Lincoln get into a little fight because Chris is feeling testy. Jason and Becca visit an Edgar Allen Poe museum and play with donuts. Jason is surprised with three of his best friends and they do a good job of making him look good to Becca. The men are dressed smartly in suits for the group date. They meet our founding fathers and prepare for a Beccalection. The questions are cute and allow the men to provide fun answers until Lincoln decides to mention that he has never considered going home unlike Chris. In true politician fashion, Chris goes after Lincoln making out…

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    Becca Episode 5

      The show is finally getting past the chaff and onto the actual contenders for a relationship with Becca. This week they went to Vegas and I realized I don’t know where they were before. I’m pretty sure they begin in California but last week it was cold so were they in California? Becca rides camels with Colton on a date and that’s all there is to say about the date. Back at the house, David is trolling Jordan yet again because he doesn’t have anything of value to say on is own. David is discussing what it’s like to get the next to last rose and even though he…

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    So You’re Pregnant!

    Oh my gosh, you’re pregnant! Wow! Congratulations! There are so many of you. Even though a small part of me is salty none of you bothered to be pregnant at the same time as me, I’m sooo happy for you. You will all make great moms because you aren’t narcissists. There is a special journey ahead of you and I have so much to say… The first trimester is such a weird time, isn’t it? On TV they don’t show you the part where the woman takes six pregnancy tests over the course of a few weeks and still isn’t convinced there is real life in there. The unspoken rule…