Trump has been President for 100 Days and Jesus Hasn’t Come Back Yet


I have been sleeping naked since the election to be ready for the Rapture. Just kidding, that’s not why. But many may be surprised to observe the President make it to his 100th day in office on April 29, 2017 without impeachment, war, or the government completely shutting down. I personally didn’t know what to expect with Donald Trump in office, but seeing as how the first Hunger Games has not been announced, besides the Fyre Festival, I would say my expectations have been exceeded.

It was hard to have a positive outlook given the nationally shared sadface at the outcome of the election. This surprises me since, you know, Trump won, but two percent (of the popular vote) is a lot of people and they are passionate. For the record, I am independent. I wasn’t holding a candle in either direction, for Clinton or Trump, but when I awoke at 5 am and saw Trump had won, a pall immediately came over me. I really didn’t think the country would elect an individual as infamous as he, especially while Billy Bush sits home texting his friends in show business trying to get a job, and they’re all like “Who dis?”/”I don’t know her.” Beyond that point, it was a shock to me that all the projections, including Saturday Night Live sketches, were wrong. But as I do, I moved on and found inspiration by the fact it was now proven that one could literally do anything they want regardless of qualification.

It was hard to remain positive because everyone was so negative. Every podcast I listened to seemed to assume I voted for Hillary Clinton and was considering walking into oncoming traffic because she did not win. My friends felt that people who did not vote for Clinton weren’t living their lives right, and were possibly subhuman, because as a minority and a female, how could I not be enraged at the implication that society may be shifted away from my interests??? Well, being that same black female, I’m used to it. At every turn, America was doing what Americans do best- collective complaining. Have you ever noticed that when there is nothing to talk about, people resort to complaining? In person, through media, on social media it seemed that everyone was talking about politics and assuming I voted for Clinton and complaining to me, which brought me down. I wanted to stay abreast of the topics as well as be a responsible adult but the bias was hard for me watch, and politics is boring. I had to step back.

Phone AlertTrump has made several moves since January 20, but apparently not more than other presidents in their first 100 days, just more notable. The incessant app notifications popping up on my phone every 90 minutes had me shook, but I soon understood my sources were “left wing” and painting a specific picture, in my opinion. There was a moment however, when Trump started firing people that got me concerned. It took me back to my high school boyfriend trading me off his Ultimate Frisbee team because I wouldn’t pass the Frisbee to him. In my defense, I couldn’t pass that far. We see how that relationship turned out. Trump changing out his staff gave me the impression of someone who can’t be told ‘no’ and does not work well with others. But maybe when you pick your staff based on who makes you feel the fuzziest, adjustments are inevitable. I honestly had expected more personal volatility from the President; maybe some outbursts and name calling, but Mr. Spicer seems to be taking on that role for him.

While it is hard for me to take interest in NAFTA, I am inclined to take interest in changes to the Affordable Care Act. Working for a health insurance company, makes this transition an especially interesting time. I talk to consumers that assume I voted for Clinton and blame Trump for the HealthCare Marketplace being a wreck, and members think I should have voted for Trump wishing away the Affordable Care Act away, not knowing that preventive care coverage, not excluding pre-existing illnesses, and pediatric vision and dental are a part of it. Last week I had a self-righteous, white male keep me on the line for 50 minutes preaching about how there should be no healthcare for anyone who cannot afford it, and asserting that everyone should be able to overcome their life circumstances even though the most adversity he has faced has likely been his expensive insurance premium. I talk to these citizens who have no compassion and I get it. And I talk to entitled citizens who are receiving assistance and still complain about having to pay copays and deductible and their bills on time, and I get how society fosters this attitude as well. And I talk to citizens who are very sick and have never had health insurance before and they are grateful and responsible. The situation is depressing and conflicting. I understand where everyone is coming from and wonder if there is a solution that is both fair and right.

People thought their candidate was the way, the truth, and the life, but if I’m not mistaken, that’s Jesus (John 14:6). While He has not come back to save us from politics in general, scripture does say “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God,” – Matthew 13:1. Since I, like Mr. Trump, am not a professional politician or economist, I won’t assert that things would be better or worse with one candidate over the other. I am willing to accept it can go both ways. That does not mean I don’t think anything bad can happen, that means I ultimately believe God is in control of what happens to me so for that reason I will give this guy a chance and pray we have a chance as a nation.

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