The Bachelorette: Becca Episode 7


One thing that did not stay in Vegas was the news that Colton is a VIRGIN! Remember virgins? I was one in college. Is it as big of a deal its always made out to be on these shows? Yes. Is he virtuous or is there something off about him we don’t know yet?

Becca took Colton on the first date. Just as he starts to explain how he isn’t very experienced, a black guy with brown dreads comes to take then conch diving. Once again, I don’t know where they are but given their excursion chaperone, they are in The Islands.

Colton tells Becca due to the fact he was a sick athlete, he didn’t date much and subsequently is a virgin. Becca seems upset. Almost as if he told her he had bad credit. Or maybe she is just disappointed she’s probably not getting sex tonight. She walks off and does not really say why when she returns. She rewards him for his honesty with a rose. When Colton makes it clear he isn’t waiting for marriage, Becca visibly relaxes.

Garret meets Becca at the beach. I am made aware they are in the Bahamas. They ride in a plane. They have dinner. She is much happier than she was with Colton.

I’ll be honest, I was eating dinner during this part, corn on the cob, so I wasn’t able to type what was happening, and once again, I don’t have DVR. Prior to this my infant was repeatedly throwing up on me so I may have missed some details because of that too.

Finally, Blake is up for a date. He was about to fall apart during the first two dates. They all are looking distressed sitting in the resort but I think it’s been longest since he has had a one-on-one date.

Oh, I remember what happened on Garrett’s date. They discussed his marriage in his early twenties. He explained she exhibited bad behavior before they married but he thought he could handle it. Becca suggested he might be more motivated by the idea of being married and not actually paying attention to doubts he may have. I think that is a valid concern, but also think Garrett really likes her and she likes him. This is the kind of energy I would want in a budding relationship.

Back to Blake– After some fun dancing, Blake reveals his mom had an affair with his basketball coach and English teacher! Were those two separate people or did the teacher coach basketball? I believe he says this experience makes it hard for him to open up and be vulnerable. I guess everyone in his hometown knows about this and he isn’t concerned with humiliating his mother, or maybe that’s exactly why he shared that information… Blake jumps all the way off the cliff and declares to Becca that he is in love with her. She’s into it and appears even happier with him than she was with Garrett. But the biggest bombshell is that she reveals to us that she is in love with Blake too! My mind is exploding right now! This threw me for a loop because she was just telling me

Wills says “tomorrow could easily be one of the worst days of my life,” and I think ‘these men are going crazy.’ But once I realize it’s a three-on-one and only one can survive, I get it. That’s a lot of pressure and probably challenging not to show how crappy of a time they are having.

At this point I want Becca to keep Wills because he reminds me of the popular boys that sneak off and make out with girls at church camp.

As Jason is talking, Becca tries to look interested but doesn’t have to work at it when it comes to kissing. She does say Jason is one of the most positive people she knows and likes the energy they have together.

Unfortunately, Leo gets broken up with simply because Becca didn’t give him attention until it was too late. He’s just too far behind the other men in his relationship with Becca. I don’t really know what he was saying to her because I was texting but seeing him kick sand around on the beach as the rest of the party sped away on a boat was hella sad. I think I’m most attracted to Leo for myself, except his hair is better than mine and I would feel jealous, and I’m married.

At this point one of my besties reveals she went on a date with Jean Blanc in 2015! She said he was a jerk but she says that a lot so… She did say she thinks he was on the show for a come up and he was the type of person that was always trying to get ahead. Let me know if you want to hear more!

I don’t know what Jason was saying to Becca because my mom was giving me some Southeast Missouri tea I wasn’t interested in. This is some recap, isn’t it? But honestly, it was basically that he likes her a lot and she doesn’t feel the same.

She starts off her second one-on-one time with Wills with a quick makeout session. He goes on to tell her he’s falling in love with her. She likes to hear that and kisses him more. I think Wills would be a stronger contender if he didn’t move through the competition like he did with every other white girl he wasn’t serious about in college. I think he genuinely likes Becca but needs to be more aggressive about establishing a relationship.

But never mind, Wills gets sent home! I can tell that hurts.

Next week is Hometowns! We will get to see where everyone is from and what backwards walking nonsense they have in their backgrounds. It’s like I blinked and here we are wrapping things up. These past seven episodes almost seem like a documentary of how relationships develop and how male ego works. Is it about to get interesting as we meet disapproving family members? Will Becca meet Blake’s trifling mom? Will it be obvious who Becca is most in love with? More to come next week!



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