The Bachelorette: Becca Episode 1

I’ll admit I skipped the last season of The Bachelor because #whoisArie? I didn’t start watching the franchise until Chris Soules’ season. During this first episode I quickly realize I’ve missed something important and will have to go back and watch.
I am a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan simply because I like to participate in pop culture; not because I believe in this mess or could see myself anywhere near this scenario. That said, let’s get into episode one.

The episode begins with your requisite retrospect on Becca and then her meeting with the most recent Bachelorettes. I initially thought Becca was very regular, but pretty. It was good to see the other bachelorettes, but why is no one getting married?

Only a handful of the men were given packages and I generally found them unremarkable, except for Jean Blanc and his colognes! One fragrance was $1,200 for maybe half an ounce! I don’t even have body spray right now…. I was surprised there was a current NFL player. I guess he would have time since NFL has the shortest season of all sports Then there was also a 29 year old Nigerian man with some sort of hybrid Lindsay Lohan accent.

The most memorable arrival was Trent pulling up in a hearse! He said he died when he heard she was going to be the Bachelorette. I liked his energy. There were several arrivals I noted “lame” next to including one where the phrase was “catch you inside,” which I should credit it for being kind of culturally relevant but also not because the whole “cash me outside thing” has passed.

Apparently “Do the damn thing” was a theme in the previous season, which of course I’m ignorant to. Several contestants referenced it in their meetings and one said it in French. What the hell was up with Kamil telling Becca to come to him because it should be 50/50 which he changed to 60/40? Okay so you’re one of those guys that doesn’t want to pay for the first date. Next.

Once that parade was over, we were introduced to more of the personalities of the gentlemen. Jordan, whose arrival line was “hopefully the fashion will set me apart,” is being set up to be some sort of villain. I’m okay with that because it’s comical to have a villain who is a model and bullies people for what they are wearing.

We were quickly reintroduced to the theme of “right reasons” when Chris says an ex-girlfriend of Chase’s texted him the night of “After the Rose” exposing Chase for only being there to revive his marketing company. Chris went to some of the other contestants to see if they thought he should confront Chase. I thought it was funny they were all encouraging him to do it, knowing good and well getting involved in that mess never really helps anyone except in this case, Chris still got a rose!

Connor “stole” Becca first and all the guys acted like they forgot that is how this works. Chase did inform Becca about the situation with Chris and the ex who wasn’t really an ex. I believed him, but apparently Becca did not because she didn’t give him a rose, but maybe production made her choose for drama. I also believe he could have been hoping for free publicity, but come on, if any person is really just looking for a good relationship and not a public platform, they go on, not national television.

She had several cute little one on one scenes with the contestants, my favorite being Christon playing basketball with her. I also liked that she confronted Jake, who was someone she had been acquainted with prior to the show. I completely understand why she would be suspicious of someone who had previously passed on multiple opportunities to get to know her. It’s that whole “back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot and they all on me” situation. Who is that a reference to, you ask? Mike Jones. At first I thought he may have been too lame to initiate anything on his own, but then he claimed not to even remember¬† meeting her more than once, which didn’t help his case of trying to say he was there because he was interested in her. His response was that he had had a “very transformative year” since he met her, so essentially “new year, new me” and we all know how serious people who say that should be taken. She sent him home and I liked her for it. She’s straightforward and practical, which I can relate to.

Becca gave Connor the first impression rose. In my notebook I had written “Nice!” next to his name so I was pleased. Nothing else stood out to me about the episode except at the end Kamil said he was really, really embarrassed after being eliminated. I understand it feels like a competition, but how many people end up madly in love with a person they had no interest in when they first met them? It’s a process of elimination rather than a talent show. I’m interested in seeing more of Becca’s personality and going back to find out what the heck happened in Arie’s season.

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