The Bachelorette: Becca Ep 8- Tia, Shut Up

This week was hometowns! Nothing particularly exciting to report. They are all regular people with regular families.

Garrett took Becca to the farm and planted tomatoes. His family had that same quirky quality he does. They spoke about the impact his divorce had on them as a family.

She meets Jason in Buffalo, NY where they participate in a wing-eating competition. I learned bleu cheese is the preferred condiment to ranch… Jason, speaking of the their relationship, says they have “caught up and we’re surpassing everyone else.” His mom responds, “but how do you know that?” which is my exact thought. As the omniscient viewer, I know him to be in last place. He tells Becca he is in love with her to which she replies “That means the world to me.”

Blake takes Becca on a tour of his high school which seems like a lame choice until we learn he was present for a school shooting where one young woman lost her life. As one could imagine, he was greatly affected by this event. It was important for him to share that with Becca.

I am surprised to see his Blake’s mom make an appearance. Does she know he spilled all the tea on her bad behavior??? I hate to think about how she cringed when she found out while watching the show last week… Blake reviews the relationship with his parents and uses the fact he discussed the shooting and the divorce with him as proof they were in a serious relationship. I am trying to figure out how that’s what that means.

It is with Blake that she gets her weekly dose of being applauded by strangers as they enter a Betty Who concert. Becca knows all the words.

Finally, Colton brings Becca to the local Children’s Hospital and gives her a look in at what he does as a part of his foundation for children with cystic fibrosis. I like him more after seeing him with the kids. He was completely present and natural, which Becca notices as well.

Back home everyone seems to know Colton is a virgin. As with everyone else’s family, they don’t want him to get hurt.

So nothing really happened.

Until the gaggle of ladies from Arie’s season are back in the picture. Have there ever been so many appearances from past cast members? Last week some sort of reveal from Tia was teased. This week she pulls Becca aside.

She pulls Becca aside and tells her she still has feelings for Colton… Colton’s dad touched on this- they only went on like one date, but Tia still has feelings for him and Becca is supposed to care about it? Tia, take a nap. That sounds like a personal problem that didn’t have to have anything to do with Becca. I don’t care about a crush. Yes, it would be awkward to have both relationships in the same room, but if it were a real match, I wouldn’t let some one-date wonder deter me from “my person.” But maybe this is just an out for Becca to tell Colton goodbye.

The show leaves us to wait until next week to find out who goes home. I still think Blake is the winner, but am suspicious that we are only being shown the extent of Becca’s feelings for this one person just to throw us off.

Does she listen to Tia? Does she make Jason eat his words about the pace of the relationship? Who goes home to Mommy? Find out next week on the episode where they will probably have sex.

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