The Bachelorette: Becca Ep 4

I don’t know who Becca was on a date with first because I don’t have DVR and I missed it. Regardless, he wants 3 kids.

Alas! David returns from respite. He had fallen from the TOP BUNK and broken his nose. Ouch! Sounds awful but not a stay in ICU (really, Chris?). Becca gives him the group date rose because she isn’t really connecting with anyone. As all the group gather around David he says “What up, Jordan? How you doin’?” and you know he rehearsed it about 10 times with his producer on the way to the house.

There’s a rose ceremony where some people we don’t care about go home. For some reason, this person called Nick is wearing a track jacket and no shirt. He’s in a track jacket while everyone else is in a suit.

For the one-on-one Becca and Garret try bobsledding then sit down for some relationship talk. Egads-Garret is divorced! Becca immediately finds a reason to make it a problem, but she’s just looking for an escape, a reason to disqualify him. Then they go to a Grayer Smith concert because there must always be a musical guest for some reason.

The next date is all but two people. It’s a Lumber Jack Bash! Everyone is in their lumber best and looking cute. The first challenge is splitting logs. What do you know!- Jordan is able to split the wood while some of the buff dudes struggle. There is also axe throwing and flipping logs. “Would love to be Lumber Jack to Becca’s Lumber Jill,” says Lincoln. I roll my eyes so hard.

Why are all the dates athletic events? I know it’s fun to do things but so far, they have done an obstacle course, spa day *gags*, and a football game. They should do like a wine and paint, or, even better, a puzzle- Real World/Road Rules Challenge style. While physical fitness is a sign of survivability and virility, but we don’t live in the wild or need a dozen children in hopes of 2 or 3 living past infancy.

John gets the group rose. This confused me because she also pins a rose on him later at the ceremony. Maybe I am confused about who John is. I’m pretty sure he’s the one that appears to be half-Asian. The date continues back at the house. At this point in the show Becca is making out with someone and my husband says “Oh, you taste like Joe, and Bill, AND Mike!” from the background. We have all thought that.

During Jordan’s time with Becca, he removes his pants to show her he is wearing the shorts she gave him. She thinks it’s hilarious. In true Jordan fashion, he rejoins the group in the shorts. It annoyed me so much that Colton felt like it was his right to confront Jordan, basically for having a good time with his experience. He thinks Jordan is a clown which must mean there is no way he could be there to get to know Becca. I don’t know what kind of relationships Colton has, but why can’t humor and confidence be a part of getting to know someone? Have a seat, Colton. Your insecurity is showing.

Here’s the intrigue: Jean Blanc is one on one with Becca. He gives her a beautiful bottle of perfume he formulated for her entitled “Miss Becca Blanc.” He mentions something about her hyphenating her name, so first off- is Blanc his last name? Second, if it’s supposed to be her married name, why does it say “Miss?” But that’s besides the point. Despite the gesture, Becca felt JB was just going through the motions, maybe that the gesture didn’t match the pace of their relationship. THEN, this dude says, “I think I’m falling in love with you.” I would have eliminated the man just for being intense, but he gives Becca a better reason. She lets him know it’s too intense and decides he should leave. On the way out he wants clarity on how things have turned bad. He says “I thought that’s where you wanted to take things and what you wanted to hear.” So none of it was real.

The level of confusion JB exhibited showed me that’s how he always acts in relationships, which is how a lot of people act. Instead of being honest about who they are and what they want, they do whatever it takes to retain the relationship. Sometimes people want a relationship so badly, they don’t pay attention to whether they really want the person.

She was pissed. My husband couldn’t understand why she was so mad, but there is some unspoken context around being THE bachelorette makes it reasonable. She probably felt like she was in control of the experience and suddenly realized she could be manipulated or realized that some of them may have the intention to manipulate her. This messed Becca up for the rest of the show.

Fortunately, she isn’t a complete drag on her date with Wills. They ride snow mobiles and have some good conversation. Wills keeps he saying he knows what Becca went through, but how he knew was so regular I can’t remember. I think he was moving forward in a relationship and considering marriage then she changed her mind. She gives him a rose and they make out aggressively. This actually seemed like a real first date.

Show ends with a rose ceremony. We don’t lose anyone we care about except I am disappointed to see Christon go before we get to know something about him. I am sure he won’t be the only one.

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