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At the beginning of June I migrated from wordpress.com to self-hosting. I basically went from blogging lite to the paid version.

I started talking to a designer I found on Facebook Marketplace who was going to maintain my site for $50/month. After I finally got the site content migrated to the new host (a two-week debacle), he informed me he would have to host my site or I would need to pay $500 for a one time service.

Because I needed to be able to cut ties with him if I wasn’t happy with his work, I did not want him to host my site.

At Youtube’s suggestion, I decided to try Divi, which was supposed to be an awesome user-friendly platform. And it had a dynamic blog friendly child theme called Extra.

All this lingo I picked up in the last two months.

After about 6 hours I realized Extra was too hard and switched to Divi. Then after more hours decide Divi is not for absolute beginners as it requires some coding to achieve certain features.

I requested a refund and went with a free theme. I figured out how to download the demo data to make my site look like the demo, and now the demo content is co-mingled with my own.

*Drops face into hands*

I went on fiverr.com and found a developer to help with my issues but her browser didn’t show the random white woman on the slider and she couldn’t help what she couldn’t identify.

So basically, much like myself, brideonbase.com is still a work in progress! Optimistic I’ll figure it out with more time on my hands, but if you know anything about websites, comment below! Pretty please 🙂

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