Letter of Resignation

To Whom It May Concern;

It is without mixed emotions I inform you that July 25, 2018 will be my last day of employment in the role of Customer Service Professional after two years, three months, and 27 days.

After over a year of unemployment, on my first day of training I was asked who was here just for a paycheck. I started to raise my hand and realized it was more of a rhetorical question.

Since I was there for a paycheck and have saved thousands of dollars, my goal has been achieved. While I am far from well off, there is a limited window in finances after you can forget when payday is but still can’t hire people to do all your chores where more money does not equal more life.

Apart from the paychecks, there were several things I did enjoy about my position within the company. I enjoyed my semi-annual bonuses and yearly raises despite my repeatedly mediocre performance ratings. More than anything I enjoyed the 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, which is what pulled me through it’s preceding seven months, and then the random $1000 bonus we all received while I was out. But most impactful was my being coerced into working from home. While I still had to work, at least I did not have to get dressed.

In terms of actually working, I didn’t care for it. But, at least my responsibility ended when I clocked out. I perceived my work to have little reward but also minimal consequence.

Having not worked in customer service before, the lessons I learned about myself and society will be my biggest takeaways.

I thought I would succeed because I am smart, but success comes from working hard in the right job; you don’t actually have to be smart at all.

From this experience I will not forget that people have problems that may affect me but don’t have anything to do with me. I surely do not need to accept abuse, but those that exhibit no grace lack the resource and that is what makes them small. Does what the smallest person thinks of me matter? No, but how easily the smallest person brings me down means something about me.

Maturity and control is how we respond to immature people. While I can see those people for where they are, I can recognize those weaknesses in myself and give us all a break.

I learned that when it comes to the Affordable Care Act fair and right are two different things.

Based on my experience, those who can more than afford insurance don’t see their privilege; perpetually broke poor people don’t see their privilege. The former (honestly, typically white men), complain about not getting more for what they pay and being forced to share their wealth. The latter (all races) complain about having to make a minimum of $11,000 and pay deductibles.

One has lived life “correctly” and one has only tried to get by. I see the plights of them both and try not to judge. In the middle are those that make too much to qualify for help and too little not to have to sacrifice; they never go to the doctor, and they take it all lying down.

I am generalizing, but with this information in mind, I conclude must be grateful for what I am given, and proactive about what I want, and for goodness sakes stay healthy.

After the lessons and bonuses, I find there is nothing left. It is time to move on. It is time to have a life and it is time to be creative. I am grateful for the money I earned and the Jeep I bought. I am grateful for the perspective I received and the resilience it brings. I am grateful to have a choice in when I move on.

I wish this organization the best in terms of healthcare trends, Department of Insurance complaints, dealing with the Healthcare Marketplace, and TrumpCare.

Humbly, I thank you for this valuable experience.


Brianna Weldon

P.S. Please tell my replacement if people always give her attitude, she’s part of the problem.



  • marjorie Panter

    Briana, you are quite a writer! I just happened on to these letters and have been cracking up! I didn’t nurse my kids, so, I can’t relate,l but, I remember how my daughter Teresa would stand in the shower and cry! I know it is special, but, kinda glad I didn’t go through with that!I just want to squeeze those baby cheeks! He is beautiful, but, how could he not, beautiful momma, and, handsome dad! I look forward to meeting you some time! In the meantime keep on writing! Best of luck to you and Spence and beautiful baby boy! Can’t believe he is 6 months already! Love to you and your family!

    • admin

      Hi Marjorie! My mother in law didn’t nurse either; I can see it wasn’t the trendy thing to do. My son stopped being so aggressive but now he has two teeth and seriously bites me so he might be cut off if he doesn’t get the hint that its not okay.
      Thank you so much for your compliments! I’m working on my writing as a career, and I can’t deny how beautiful this baby is and his dad. I’m sure I’m cute too but I look pretty rough during the day. Spencer always looks good lol!

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