Gifts for the Athlete in Your Life

As an intentional gift giver, every year I search for gift guides to help spark ideas for gifts for the people on my list. Athletes, gym rats, fitness buffs kind of have the same MO; they need the same stuff. Browse this list for ideas for the fit people in your life!

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  1. Water Bottle
    Gym Heads are always trying to drink more water. Support your friend’s hydration goals by gifting a handy, (but admittedly obtrusive in some settings) gallon sized water bottle. Does carrying around a gallon of water seem completely ridiculous? Camelbak’s got your back with a reasonably sized, 25 ounce bottle.

Geo Sports Bottles 1 Gallon $17.99

Camelbak 25 oz $11.99

2. Blender Bottles

Most of us have blender bottles for protein, pre workout, BCAAs, or just water, and we could usually use an extra one so we never have to worry about hand washing one before we run the dishwasher.

Blender Bottle Classic 20 oz and 28 oz $17.77


2. Gym Bag

Having a gym bag is a good way to streamline the process of getting ready for the gym. Everything is already in its place. Bonus points for gifting a lock for the gym locker as well.

Vooral Roadie Small Gym Bag $39.99

4. Notebook

The best way to make sure we are progressing in our fitness is to document our efforts. Its a great tool for ensuring we keep challenging ourselves and doing more than we did last time. And this way when your friend gets buff she can tell you exactly what she did to make it happen.

Gym Logbook

5. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a great tool for cardio or high intensity interval training. The ProSource rope is a personal favorite. And if you want to be bougie about it and not bother with keeping screws tight, go with the Sonic Boom jump rope.

ProSource Speed Cable $5.71

Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope  $29.86

6. Wrist wraps are great for crossfitters and people who like powerlifting. The WOD wrist wraps have served me for a few years and many people go for the Rogue brand.

WOD Wrist Wraps $9.99

Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps $25.92

7. Towel

If you’re doing it right, you should be sweating. That’s what makes a set of super-wicking towels a no-brainer for a gift. What makes microfiber towels better than whatever is in your linen closet is that they won’t stay wet and make your car or gym bag smell sweaty.

KinHwa Microfiber Sports Gym Towel $13.29

8. Headphones

Ever made it to the gym only to realize you don’t have headphones? I have and have gone home and skipped the workout altogether in some circumstances. To prevent your friend making bad life decisions like the one I just mentioned, gift him with a pair of bluetooth headphones. My husband and I received different pairs of Senso headphones for Christmas last year with no complaints. At under $30, having a second pair of these wouldn’t be a bad idea! If your loved one prefers living on the edge,  go for the completely wireless Jaybirds!

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones $29.97

Jaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones $136.36

9. Fanny Pack

If your friend is a cool kid, this fanny pack is right on trend! In an age where mobile phones have become way too big for arm bands, fanny packs are right on time. Unisex

Rave Fanny Pack $24.99

10. Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors are the most effective way to track how hard you’re actually working at the gym. They are primarily used for cardio-based workouts, and allow you to use your heart rate to determine if you to kick it up a notch. Your friend will thank you once they start to learn which exercises are going to produce the results they’re after.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor $70.00


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