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    It’s Okay to Be a Housewife

    Many military spouses are stay-at-home-wives. For some of us, that’s perfect, but for others, it can be a source of frustration or judgement. Before we discuss that, I’ll set the stage by saying I’m talking about a scenario where the family is financial stable with one income. Not one where the working spouse is struggling to make ends meet, because in that case, all hands should be on deck regardless of what is your heart’s desire. Back to the discussion– There are several reasons we don’t like to be just housewives that have nothing to do with whether or not we like being housewives. We are judging ourselves and each…

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    Emily’s RV Living at Fort Carson

    “I really think RV’ing could be for everyone.” I laughed on the inside because I don’t think I can survive without several hundred square feet, if not thousands. “There are so many different ways to RV. I think, if you do enough research and find what works for your family, anyone could do it,” she added.  This is Emily Sandel. She is an Army wife, and she lived in a recreational vehicle at Fort Carson, Colorado. Her husband, Mark, is a part of Psychological Operations and has been stationed at Fort Carson for nearly the last three years after spending ten whole years at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Although Emily…