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    9 Tips and Advice For Finding a Job

    One of the greatest sacrifices of a military spouse is a career. Whether it’s the limits of the military lifestyle, or the the limits of the job market at your duty station, moving forward can be hard. The tough part about approaching the job search as a young professional, is knowing what to do. You kind of need a mentor to tell you where to place your energy. In this post we will discuss some lessons I learned from my unemployment once I made it to Fort Bragg. Should You Wait to Find a Job Before You Move? As a person who was unemployed for 14 months, my answer is…

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    Dear Hiring Manager,

    Please find detailed my unemployment history starting on January 30, 2015 until present. While it may seem that I should be employed right now, I assure you that my time away from the desk can be lamented and accounted for. February-April I had initially expected this to be my period of applying to and interviewing for jobs. I had expected to find a position that would be the next step in my career and paying more than I previously made since I thought I was under-paid as it was. I ended up taking a job with Bankers Life and Casualty Company at the very end of March, and spending April…

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    Brianna Ain’t Got No Job!

    My mom was introducing me to someone at the fair as I approached her. The woman said “is this the one that’s a pharmacist, or?” I said, “housewife,” and extended my hand, offering nothing further than a smile. I am 26, personable, articulate, poised and jobless. It’s a travesty. I could have told the woman I’m in between jobs, but this is who I am now… I started my job search on New Year’s Day. I did not receive any calls about the applications I had submitted at the beginning of the year–19 in total– and I barely received any rejection emails.¬†As articulate and thorough as I think I am,…