Becca Episode 6

Before Becca’s date with Jason, Chris and Lincoln get into a little fight because Chris is feeling testy. Jason and Becca visit an Edgar Allen Poe museum and play with donuts. Jason is surprised with three of his best friends and they do a good job of making him look good to Becca.

The men are dressed smartly in suits for the group date. They meet our founding fathers and prepare for a Beccalection. The questions are cute and allow the men to provide fun answers until Lincoln decides to mention that he has never considered going home unlike Chris. In true politician fashion, Chris goes after Lincoln making out of context claims in reference to the fight earlier. He said Lincoln called him a “fat b” but Lincoln didn’t say that. Their discourse definitely brings down the group.

After the debate, Lincoln is the first to steal Becca. He suggests Chris may be volatile and capable of physical violence. She tells Chris what she heard. When Garrett comes in to steal her, she asks him for five minutes of time to herself because she’s so emotionally exhausted from the bickering.

Back to the group, Chris is confronting Lincoln about saying he was physically volatile. Of course he’s gotten the message a little wrong. Garrett is pissed off that their shenanigans are affecting the experience for the rest of the group. Colton suggests the two of them just get on a plane and go home. Colton gets the group rose.

Becca’s date with Leo starts with her telling him she is in a crappy mood. He does his best to take her mind off it while they collect oysters and shuck them in the water. I liked the two of them together. I had thought he was just a background character but after their interactions, I see it for them. They hit it off further at dinner. Leo reveals he felt he let his dad down by not making it to the pros in baseball after all the time his dad invested in him. As a result he never feels good enough. Becca appreciates getting to know him better and gives him a rose. Don’t think the date ends there without a musical guest; once again, Becca and her date walk into a room that bursts into applause for her and Morgan Evans performs.

Somehow Chris is still confident about his chances and states that he is good as long as Leo doesn’t return. When Leo returns, Chris leaves the room and is shown walking through the lobby with his hands in the pockets of his stylish, mid-length, camel trench coat, appearing either cold or on the precipice of attacking Becca. Instead Becca is taken aback to find him at her door. She invites him in for a talk. Chris tells Becca he can see himself marrying her. She pushes back saying a week ago he wanted to go home. She suggests he shouldn’t have been so insecure given the fact she validated him early on. Chris then asks her to forget about all that and consider what he’s telling her right then and see that he’s not someone that gives up on what he wants. Given what she’s heard and seen, she says she doesn’t think they can get back on track. Chris thinks his volatile behavior, offensive actions toward others and petulance to Becca in general should dismissed. Becca holds her ground and explains that she’s got better relationships going on. He’s going home.

In true Chris fashion, he refuses letting Becca walk him out. She says she will anyway and that he deserves it. He says he doesn’t need anything in that moment; that he isn’t weak. She follows him to the top of the stairs. He says they can say good bye there and they do. I would have sent Chris home at the next ceremony anyway, if not the week prior. I can see that she didn’t send him home last week because she did have feelings for him we didn’t know about until she expressed them in this episode. After the departure she states that Chris is an angry person and not someone she would ever want in her life. I was so glad she could see that and decided not to waste her energy.

Blake and Lincoln are eliminated.

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