5 Weeks to Weightloss- Week 5!



Alas, I have spent five consecutive weeks caring about what I look like. Pulling myself from the brink of apathy time and time again was a good exercise for me. While I would like to think I’m well on my way to 2017 magic, part of me feels like now that I’m done with this, I can just eat candy and bread every morning and balloon, but I’m not going to do that, of course…

My final week of this challenge was shot from the start. It was the week after hosting a Super Bowl party, which means my weekly grocery shopping was consumed on Sunday, so the rest of the week we ate chili, hot wings, Southwest eggrolls, and Doritos. I mean, that’s literally all I ate for four days. I came off an excellent week of low carb intake to consume primarily carbs and minimal vegetables. My stomach felt busted. My life was busted, partly because I couldn’t remember where I put any of the things I moved when I cleaned up for the party, including two sticks of butter, which I still haven’t found.

During this five weeks, I had two very good weeks of dieting; I’m not sure what to think about that. It’s like a guaranteed two steps forward and one step back. The other step is the fact that I was consistent with exercise pretty much the whole time. Despite my inconsistency and the fact I only really lost three pounds, I feel like my body has changed completely. I’m more shapely and more firm and I see myself as athletic again. I will always be athletic, but being in the gym and taking care of my body is what makes it apart of my self-image.

I learned that time is the most important factor in change regarding fitness. I had to commit to five weeks. I could have quit about four separate time if not for this commitment and if I had, where would my six pack be??? That shows me that diligence is the most important part of the journey. I will fail, I will be weak, I will stop caring about looking fat, but if I just accept those experiences in the moments I have them without making any life choices based on them, I’ll find my way back to the course of where I want to go.

PS. I’m returning the $70 workout pants I bought. Haven’t been able to bring myself to wear them.

Starting Weight: 165.8  Ending Weight: 162


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