5 Weeks to Weightloss: Week 4

I said I was going to cut processed carbs, and I cut processed carbs. *Smiles smugly to self*

I had a good week. Besides the ones Blue Apron meals I forgot to cancel, I managed to avoid starchy carbohydrates, primarily by not eating tortillas, chips, or cookies. It wasn’t hard at all except for my husband eating all the chicken I grilled for myself to have for breakfast and lunch.

This is an interesting story. Sunday I made mozzarella chicken with spinach noodles. Obviously I wasn’t planning to eat the meal with the noodles during the week. I don’t think chicken with tomato and cheese really goes with broccoli, so I just expected my husband to eat that and let me eat the basic chicken. Next thing I know the container that had my chicken in it was empty. I couldn’t be mad because I hadn’t told my husband the chicken was for me, but I did ask why he didn’t eat the delicious, flavorful and succulent mozzarrella chicken. Two days later we were still hungry after our Blue Apron meal… because we are reckless Americans. I get up and cook up all the chicken thighs in the fridge, but for some reason my husband asks if he should eat the mozzarella chicken from four days prior…

Apart from chicken shenanigans, I was also pleased with my exercise. I got in the usual, but I also took a day off on Monday, which I feel served me well. I once again thoroughly enjoyed working out in the middle of the day a couple times; knocking the dust off my joints from sitting in a chair all day.

The big test for me was the Super Bowl. We hosted a Super Bowl party, and per usual I planned a ton of things to cook. Because I was so busy cooking and tasting a long the way, I didn’t do much eating during the party, but I did eat several cookies I baked as tried to decide if they were actually good or not.Oh, I also ate a TON of Doritos… They will always be my weakness.

Overall, week 4 was an excellent and very promising for the home stretch.


Starting Weight: 160.8    Ending Weight: 161


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