2015 Military Top Ten

Military Top Ten

Ten of the most notable things about being attached to the military for me in 2015.

10. Commissary

This is the grocery store on post. Sometimes it’s a beating to go because it’s huge and busy, but it’s usually nearly the cheapest prices and the largest selections. I still ship at Aldi, but the Commissary is a full grocery store. We don’t pay tax, but we do pay a surcharge, which seems like tax to me.

9. The Xpress

These on-post convenience stores and gas stations are large, clean, visually appealing with basically any candy I want and fountain drinks and icees in nice cups for a good price. Also, cheap gas. For some reason, my USAA debit card doesn’t usually work at the gas pump though.

8. Respect/Pity from Civilians

(Not sure which it is sometimes)

Someone at a wedding gave me $40 to take my husband to dinner to “thank him for his service.”

7. Veteran’s Day

Me and 9 of my friends received a free meal at Olive Garden on Veteran’s Day! I had no idea it would be free or that I would get a free meal since I’m only a dependent. Now I know why every restaurant was packed that day.

6. Random Holidays

It has been fun for my husband to be off work random days of the week for some obscure holiday, as well as get 4-day weekends for just about every holiday.

5. Snow Days

Since our base is in the south, if there is a threat of snow, the whole thing shuts down. I was initially annoyed by this because I was like “We’re the army. We should probably be able to handle an inch of snow,” but hey, it’s more time at home together!

4. Free Prescriptions

When I finally got into the clinic for a yearly check up, all my prescriptions filled at the clinic ended up being free!

3. Church on Post

We have been to a few churches this year. We are currently going to church on post because it’s not bad and it’s only 5 minutes away AND because there are FREE DUNKIN DONUTS after the service.

2. My Husband Wears a Uniform

My husband wears a uniform to work everyday… I’m the type of person that is more likely to have a crush on the maintenance man than the CEO based on appearance. I mean, assuming we’re comparing two people of equal attractiveness, minus their clothes. I mean, minus their work clothes.

1. Camaraderie

Even though people weren’t as welcoming as I had expected, there’s a brotherhood and sisterhood here. I like being a part of a huge subculture. It’s as specific as being black or being a female. I like how we all know what Risa is talking about when she’s talking about her husband being on TDY and having POA and having to contact the PL to get in touch with him.

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