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    9 Tips and Advice For Finding a Job

    One of the greatest sacrifices of a military spouse is a career. Whether it’s the limits of the military lifestyle, or the the limits of the job market at your duty station, moving forward can be hard. The tough part about approaching the job search as a young professional, is knowing what to do. You kind of need a mentor to tell you where to place your energy. In this post we will discuss some lessons I learned from my unemployment once I made it to Fort Bragg. Should You Wait to Find a Job Before You Move? As a person who was unemployed for 14 months, my answer is…

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    Jessica Makes Keto Work!

    “We got married, we moved, we partied a lot. Ate a lot of fast food; drank a lot of alcohol. And I picked up smoking along the way.” Jessica Baker was explaining how she gained weight as a newlywed.  I too gained weight after marriage, but it wasn’t from fast food and alcohol; it was food and a new environment. Between both of our reasons is all of us who fall victim to the post-wedding pounds of bliss. On top of those typical experiences, Jessica lived out of a hotel for three months! She ate fast-food for three meals a day as her husband convalesced from a life-threatening condition. As…

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    “Thank You For Your Service”

    If you were to say, “Thank you for your service” to me a military spouse, I would say “you’re welcome.” My husband, personally, doesn’t care much for being thanked, probably because he joined the Army for himself. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t have chosen it in a million years. Some women have strong feelings about saying they didn’t serve or that they are not a part of the military as a spouse unless they were active duty or National Guard themselves. They say they aren’t out there risking their lives, and they don’t go to work everyday and train.  That’s fair. We are still “civilians” because we didn’t swear…

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    Emily’s RV Living at Fort Carson

    “I really think RV’ing could be for everyone.” I laughed on the inside because I don’t think I can survive without several hundred square feet, if not thousands. “There are so many different ways to RV. I think, if you do enough research and find what works for your family, anyone could do it,” she added.  This is Emily Sandel. She is an Army wife, and she lived in a recreational vehicle at Fort Carson, Colorado. Her husband, Mark, is a part of Psychological Operations and has been stationed at Fort Carson for nearly the last three years after spending ten whole years at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Although Emily…

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    Wife Out of Context

    Without the Army, I don’t know who I am or what I’m supposed to be doing; it’s like the week between Christmas and New Year’s, but without the glee. I’ve lost track of how old my toothbrush is. When did I last change my contacts? I’m lost in time and space. I don’t know where to put things. I don’t know what’s for dinner. One day my husband said the baby needed to stop coming into the bed with us in the mornings. I said one of us would have to get up with him then. He suggested that would be me since it always used to be, but that…

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    An Update on the House…And My Sanity

    Three weeks ago I saw my new home for the first time and proceeded to meltdown for the rest of the week until moving in. I was so disappointed. Even made a YouTube video about it. I was being dramatic; it’s not that bad. However, I stand by my reaction. There was nuance, which I’ll get to later. By the time I posted the blog about the situation, I was kind of over it. By “over it” I mean I had come up with some neat little reason for why I was so emotional. But the following day as my son and I experienced escalating allergy symptoms, I became suspicious…